My portfolio is not just a collection of projects, it’s a narrative of success stories. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the transformations I facilitated for businesses just like yours.

SEO Case Studies: Showcasing My Expertise

Within this portfolio, discover a treasure of successful client showcases. Dive into examples of my SEO services, impactful work, earned certifications, and the skills I’ve honed to deliver results.


Challenge: Increase organic traffic and sales for a new online eyewear store.

Strategy: Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, optimized product pages for target keywords, implemented structured data markup, and built high-quality backlinks from relevant fashion and lifestyle websites.

Results: Achieved a 250% increase in organic traffic within 6 months, with a significant rise in conversions for high-value  eyeglasses.

Challenge: Enhance local SEO presence for a new bakery looking to attract customers in their area.

Strategy: Claimed and optimized the bakery’s Google My Business listing. Built local citations by submitting Pipie.Co to relevant online directories. Created engaging content highlighting the bakery’s unique offerings and local ingredients.

Results: Increased local search ranking within 2 months, driving more foot traffic and online orders from customers within the bakery’s vicinity.

Challenge: Improve organic search visibility for a Korean online casino within a competitive and restricted niche.

Strategy: Developed a localized SEO strategy focusing on relevant Korean keywords and search intent. Optimized website content for user experience and cultural relevance. Implemented technical SEO best practices to ensure mobile-friendliness and fast loading speeds.

Results: Secured top page rankings for key targeted search terms within 3 months, leading to a steady increase in organic traffic and user engagement.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving specific online signals on your website to deliver a better experience for users and appeal to the algorithms that determine search rankings.

Google’s search algorithm determines which pages appear on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This algorithm is updated 800+ times yearly, encompassing 250+ simultaneous factors and more than 10,000 signals and sub-signals when ordering search results.

Discover how SEO can transform your business

SEO helps to put your website in front of active online users who become viable leads and potentially paying customers. Position your website in the mainstream of search results and enable more online conversions.

Improve your online visibility and web traffic

The purpose of your business’s website is to make money, but it can’t do that if nobody sees it. SEO connects you with online users actively searching for what you have to offer. These are high-quality leads, finding your website organically, so you don’t pay for the clicks.

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